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If one or both operands are floating point, then a floating point comparison is performed.

A relational operator can have NaN operands. If either or both operands is NaN , the floating point comparison operation returns as follows:

For class objects, the relational operators compare the contents of the objects. Therefore, comparing against null is invalid, as null has no contents.

An associative array can be tested to see if an element is in the array:

The in expression has the same precedence as the relational expressions < , < = , etc. The return value of the InExpression is null if the element is not in the array; if it is in the array it is a pointer to the element.

The !in expression is the logical negation of the in operation.

The operands must be integral types, and undergo the Factory Price Cheap Outlet Store Man footwear 2017 men fashion casual shoes 100% Original Footlocker Finishline For Sale Top Quality Cheap Online JKx4wsF
. The result type is the type of the left operand after the promotions. The result value is the result of shifting the bits by the right operand's value.

< < is a left shift. > > is a signed right shift. > > > is an unsigned right shift.

It's illegal to shift by the same or more bits than the size of the quantity being shifted:

If the operands are of integral types, they undergo the MIVNSKVE men Vulcanize Summer Canvas Shoes Women 2018 Order For Sale Free Shipping Buy Outlet Professional Comfortable Cheap Online jf5fiVG13c
, and then are brought to a common type using the Buy Cheap Shop For Buy Cheap Footlocker Finishline YOYLAP Boho Style Shiny Embellished Toe Post Flat Sandals Where Can You Find Low Price Fee Shipping Sale Online Footlocker For Sale Daq80

If either operand is a floating point type, the other is implicitly converted to floating point and they are brought to a common type via the Usual Arithmetic Conversions .

If the operator is + or - , and the first operand is a pointer, and the second is an integral type, the resulting type is the type of the first operand, and the resulting value is the pointer plus (or minus) the second operand multiplied by the size of the type pointed to by the first operand.

If the second operand is a pointer, and the first is an integral type, and the operator is + , the operands are reversed and the pointer arithmetic just described is applied.

If both operands are pointers, and the operator is + , then it is illegal.

If both operands are pointers, and the operator is - , the pointers are subtracted and the result is divided by the size of the type pointed to by the operands. In this calculation the assumed size of void is one byte. It is an error if the pointers point to different types. The type of the result is ptrdiff_t .

Climb High, Climb Far Your Goal the Sky, Your Aim the Star.

The longest-running student newspaper at Williams is the Williams Record , a weekly broadsheet paper published on Wednesdays. The newspaper was founded in 1887, and now has a weekly Inexpensive The Cheapest Sale Online Maggies Walker Women Canvas Patchwork Lacing Platform Best Choice Low Price Cheap Price eFNZLYKu
of 3,000 copies distributed in Williamstown, in addition to more than 600 subscribers across the country. The newspaper formerly received no financial support from the college or from the student government and relied on revenue generated by local and national ad sales, subscriptions, and voluntary contributions for use of its website, but the paper went into debt in 2004 and is now subsidized by the Student Activities Tax. Both Sawyer Library and the College Archives maintain more than a century's worth of publicly accessible, bound volumes of the Record . The newspaper provides access free of charge to a searchable database of articles stretching back to 1998 on its website.

The student yearbook is called The Gulielmensian , which means "Williams Thing" in Greek . [82] [ mesh air sport shoes for men men running shoes sport Sale Shop For Sale Cheap Online uWvis
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It was published irregularly in the 1990s, but has been annual for the past several years and dates back to the mid-19th century. [82]

Numerous smaller campus publications are also produced each year, including The Telos , a journal of Christian thought; The Cowbell , a humor magazine; the Williams College Law Journal , a collection of undergraduate articles; the Literary Review , a literary magazine; and Monkeys With Typewriters , a magazine of non-fiction essays.

is a college-owned, student-run, non-commercial radio station broadcasting from the basement of Prospect House at 91.9MHz. QZYERAI 2018 Comfortable Metal Decoration Flat Heel Cheap Sale Low Cost Really For Sale Discount For Sale Outlet Best Store To Get xjYMVMF
Featuring 85 hours per week of original programming, the station features a wide variety of musical genres, in addition to sports and talk radio. [84] The station may also be heard on the Internet via SHOUTcast.com . Members of the surrounding communities above the age of 18 are allowed to DJ on the station, which, as part of its mission, seeks to serve the surrounding community with news and announcements of public interest. [85] The board of the radio station holds a concert every semester. Buy Cheap Recommend Abbille new ladies fashion dress 2018 design fashion dinner dress Reliable Cheap Online Outlet Find Great 4p78ONfRmx

At the end of every semester but one since 1966, WCFM has hosted an all-night, eight-hour Visit Online QZYERAI girls fluffy slippers rivet high heels pointed Great Deals kKZN9
contest. Teams of students, alumni, professors, friends, and others compete to answer questions on a variety of subjects, while simultaneously identifying songs and performing designated tasks. The winning team's only prize is the obligation to create and host the following semester's contest. New Arrival Free Sample Fashion Design Casual Sneaker Shoe Footlocker Finishline Cheap Online 3VjBW1D

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